Spawning season is almost here

...and we have so much left to do that we're already behind!
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Koi Commentary

The Call of Matsue Kohaku

A friend of mine recently sent me this photo from his trip to Matsue Nishikigoi Center in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. He had eight kohaku put into a show vat for closer

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Kohaku Spawning
Koi Commentary

Starting with the Kohaku

A long time in the making, we’ve finally started breeding kohaku. We wanted to include a few below for easy comparison. Have a look at the five photos below and start

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Oya Asagi 00467

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Otozo Showa 00104

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Auction Ended Koi not sold

Taniguchi Showa 00096

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Our rating for this koi is:  4.5/5 Facebook Twitter Google-plus Koi Description Exceptional Taniguchi Showa. This koi displays much potential that will become more apparent in the
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Matsue Kohaku 00091

1 bids
Auction Ended Koi not sold

Takigawa Kohaku 00031

3 bids
Auction Ended Koi not sold