About Miyabi Koi Farm

Bringing you the best of American and Japanese-koi

Situated smack-dab in the middle of the East coast, Delaware has a climate very similar to the low-lying coastal regions of central and western Japan. Being part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain,¬†most of the area lies very close to sea level having sandy soils. In our local area however, we are surrounded by an abundance of very thick white clay soils perfect for building mudponds. Koi benefit greatly from growing in these clay soils during the warmer months, which helps to stimulate their appetite and excel growth, as well as create a wonderful shine and luster. We import limited numbers of Japanese koi during the year to use as parent stock, and also to offer for resale and grow out. Breeding quality koi is a continual learning curve, but I’m very proud of the quality of koi that we’ve been able to breed. As our experience grows, so does the number of noteworthy koi produced. We have a very reliable partner in Japan that handles procurement of our Japanese stocks from Japan’s best and also best-hidden breeders.


Starting a small koi farm in Delaware, catering towards better quality koi at reasonable prices. Both Japanese and domestic.